SQlab is the contact point specialist between you and your bike. Whether it be saddles, grips, handlebars or insoles, ergonomics always come first. Check out our online shop and outfit you bike with an SQlab saddle for a healthier, more comfortable and more efficient next ride! 

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SQlab - Saddles, Handlebars and Grips with a Focus on Ergonomics

A formative character in the founding of SQlab was long-time Motocross and MTB Downhill rider Toby Hild. With over 25 years of race and testing experience, he understands the requirements saddles and other components have to meet like no other. After a hefty Motocross accident, his sports ambitions were put on ice for a time. So he found a new passion, studying ergonomics in cycling. The years of cycling experience and theoretic results collected from research done since 2001 by Dr. Stefan Staudte, SQlab became what it is today. A pioneer in the world of ergonomic saddle, handlebars and grips!

Ergonomic Saddles - Much More than Pain Reduction

“Ergonomics means much more than reducing pain with a new saddle. Only when the bicycle and the concoct points fit perfectly, can I become one with it, win races, feel the true flow of the trail or relax and enjoy nature.” 

This quote from Toby Hild is the perfect example of how SQlab works. With many proven concepts and future-oriented technologies like the SQlab seat bone measurement or the active saddle technology you can always be sure about one thing: An SQlab saddle or any other product from their varied assortment will make cycling healthier, more comfortable and more efficient for you!