Shimano Alivio Shadow RD-M3100 9-speed Rear Derailleur

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Alivio Shadow RD-M3100 9-speed Rear Derailleur - black/long
Alivio Shadow RD-M3100 9-speed Rear Derailleur - black/long
Alivio Shadow RD-M3100 9-speed Rear Derailleur - black/long
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The Shimano RD-M3100 Alivio Series Rear Derailleur with Shadow Technology

The Shimano Alivio RD-M3100 rear derailleur for mountain bikes with 2- or 3x9-speed drivetrains scores with its flat " Shadow Design" that prevents snagging on obstacles. This allows for aggressive riding, especially since the single preload prevents the chain from hitting the frame. With its longer cage, the rear derailleur has a total capacity of 45 teeth and can shift cassettes with 32 to 36 teeth on the largest sprocket. The difference between the chainrings must not exceed 22 teeth. RD-M3100 is mostly made of steel and has a tension adjuster.


Series: Alivio M3100
Application: All Mountain, Cross Country
Gearing: 9-speed
Attachment: standard
Capacity: 45-tooth
Compatibility: Shimano MTB / City & Touring 9-speed
Compatibility - Chains: 9-speed (e.g. CN-HG53)

Technical Information:

Derailleur Pulleys: 11-tooth
Outer Cage Material: steel
Inner Cage Material: steel
Other Materials: Steel, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic (PA-GF)


MTB 9-speed:
Shifter: SL-M590-R, SL-M4000-R, SL-M3100-R, SL-M3000-R, SL-M2010-9R, SL-M2000-R, SL-M370-R, ST-M4050-R, ST-M3050-R, ST-M4000-R, ST-T4000-R, ST-T3000-R, ST-M370-R, ST-EF65-9R2, ST-EF65-9R4, ST-EF510-9R2A, ST-EF505-9R
Cassette: CS-HG400-9, CS-HG300-9, CS-HG201-9, CS-HG200-9 (11-32 / 11-34 / 11-36 / 12-36 t)
Chain: CN-HG93, CN-HG53


- flat profile for aggressive riding, reduces the risk of bumping into obstacles
- tension adjusting screw
- painted cage plates
- 1 pivot bushing, fluorine-coated


Shadow RD
Shadow rear derailleurs from Shimano have a very flat profile, allowing for a more aggressive riding style by minimising the risk of getting stuck on obstacles. In addition, the single preload ensures that the rear derailleur does not hit the chain stay even on very uneven ground. All of this contributes to a quiet, clean-operating gearshift.


Cage Length: SGS
Max. Largest Sprocket Teeth: 36-tooth
Min. Largest Sprocket Teeth: 32-tooth
Max. Smallest Sprocket Teeth: 12-tooth
Min. Smallest Sprocket Teeth: 11-tooth
Max. Chainring Difference: 22-tooth
Total Capacity: 45-tooth
Manufacturer Number: E-RDM3100SGS


- 1 x Shimano Alivio RD-M3100 rear derailleur


  • black/long, in stock

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