XT FC-M8000-1 Hollowtech II Crank - black/175.0 mm
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The XT crankset FC-M8000-1 by Shimano - rider tuned and versatile

The Shimano XT FC-M8000 11-speed crank is characterised by durability, stiffness and its low weight. It can be ridden as FC-M8000-1 with a single chainring (not included) and then fully benefits from the advantages of Dynamic Chain Engagement+ technology for optimised chain retention. However, two chainrings can also be installed (FC-M8000-2, available separately as a complete crankset). The " Rider Tuned" principle, according to which Shimano wants to provide the right set-up for every type of rider and every terrain, is also evident here. The FC-M8000 aluminium crank has been designed according to the well-known Hollowtech II design with a fixed 24 mm axle for maximum stability and balance. Four chainring bolts are supplied.


Cross Country, All Mountain
1x, 2x
Chainring Mount:
96 mm pitch circle, 4-arm asymmetrical

Technical Information:

Deore XT M8000
Crank Arm Material:
Axle Material:
Crank Arm Length:
165.0 mm, 170.0 mm, 175.0 mm, 180.0 mm
50.4 mm (1x), 48.8 mm (2x)
176 mm
Axle Diameter:
24 mm
Compatible BSA Shell Width:
68 mm / 73 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket:
BB-MT800 or BB-MT800-PA Press Fit Hollowtech II (not included)
Recommended Chain:
HG-X11 (e.g. CN-HG701-11)


MTB 11-speed:
Rear Over Locknut Dimension:
  • thru-axle: 142 mm
SL-M9000, SL-M8000, SL-M7000, SL-M5100, SW-M9050, SW-M8050 (for 2x)
Front Derailleur:
FD-M9020, FD-M9025, FD-M8020, FD-M8025, FD-M7020-11, FD-M7025-11, FD-M5100, FD-M9070, FD-M8070 (for 2x)
Bottom Bracket:
SM-BB93, SM-BB80, BB-MT801, BB-MT800, SM-BB52, BB-MT501, BB-MT500, SM-BB94-41A, BB-MT800-PA, BB-MT500-PA
  • 1x: SM-CRM81
  • 2x: Y-1RL24000, Y-1RL26000, Y-1RL28000, Y-1RL98070, Y-1RL98080, Y-1RL98090
CN-HG901-11, CN-HG701-11, CN-HG601-11, CN-LG500


  • " Rider Tuned" 11-speed drivetrain for universal use
  • " Ride Anywhere" : different options for a variety of bikes and applications
  • durability and low weight optimally combined
  • improved stiffness of the drivetrain
  • 70 degree arrangement of the four spider arms with Hollowtech II technology and Dynamic Chain Engagement
  • anodised crank arms
  • aluminium chainring bolts


Dyna-Sys11 is the name of the 11-speed shifting system for MTBs from Shimano. The focus lies on maintaining the pedalling rhythm both on flat ground and on uphill segments. The gear ratios are selected so that you make efficient progress in the most frequently used gear range and do not have to shift gears as much (" Rhythm Step" ).

Hollowtech II
Shimano Hollowtech II is a crank bottom bracket system designed to achieve an ideal ratio of stiffness, weight and rotational efficiency. It is based on an integration of the bottom bracket and the right crank arm and works with a 24 mm axle or bearing diameter, which has proven to be optimal in terms of stability. In many cases, the bearing cups are on the outside so that the load is better distributed. High-quality precision seals ensure a long service life.

Manufacturer Numbers:

165.0 mm:
170.0 mm:
175.0 mm:
180.0 mm:


  • 1 x Shimano XT FC-M8000 crank
  • 1 x Shimano crank bolt
  • 4 x chainring bolts

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.89 / 5.00


  • black/180.0 mm, out of stock

Customer Reviews (8)


Customer Reviews (8)


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by Jan B. on 21.10.2020
verified purchase
item: black/175.0 mm
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Tut was es soll. Ersetzt bei mir die SLX, bei der ein Gewinde unrettbar ausriss. Optisch schicker als die SLX Version, der Steifigkeits– und Gewichtsunterschied ist marginal. Dauerhaltbarkeit, vor allem vom Finish, wird sich zeigen. Wer ein knappes Budget hat kann hier wie beim Schaltwerk mit SLX sparen, wenn der Preisunterschied zu verschmerzen ist ist eine reine XT-Gruppe natürlich einfach schicker.

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by Francisco Javier C. on 17.07.2019
verified purchase
item: black/165.0 mm

Very good

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by Christian W. on 01.11.2018
verified purchase
item: black/170.0 mm
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

gute Robuste Kurbel. Preis / Leistung wenn man auf Optik und Gewicht Wert legt sehr gut. Wie immer sehr guter Service von BC. Danke Liebes BC Team für das tolle Jahr bis jetzt mit Euch, Einkaufen bei Euch mal immer eine echte Freude.

Is this review helpful?
by Marc A. on 29.06.2018
verified purchase
item: black/170.0 mm

Wie gewohnt sehr gute Qualität und Verarbeitung. Eben typisch für Shimano. Habe mit Shimano Kurbeln immer gute Erfahrungen gesammelt, daher wieder darauf zurück gekommen. Die Lieferung erfolgte ebenfalls gewohnt schnell. Sehr guter Service von BC.

Is this review helpful?
by Johannes Z. on 09.05.2018
verified purchase
item: black/175.0 mm
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Bewährte Shimano Qualität. Vollstens zu empfehlen!

Is this review helpful?
by Philipp S. on 15.01.2018
verified purchase
item: black/180.0 mm
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Super Teil recht leicht und stabil.

Is this review helpful?
by matias a. on 04.06.2017
verified purchase
item: black/170.0 mm

The best crankset!

Is this review helpful?
by Christoph A. on 23.11.2015
verified purchase
item: black/175.0 mm
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Der Vorgänger hat ein schöneres Dekor, sowie eine ausgiebigere Formung erhalten als dieses neue Modell. Dennoch ist die Qualität weiterhin TOP. In Verbindung mit dem einfach Kettenblatt zudem wunderschön anzusehen. Ich habe mein MTB von 2x10 mit dieser Kurbel auf 1x10 umgerüstet. Absolut klasse!

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