Shimano XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed Shifter w/ I-Spec EV

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XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed Shifter w/ I-Spec EV - grey/12-speed
XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed Shifter w/ I-Spec EV - grey/12-speed
XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed Shifter w/ I-Spec EV - grey/12-speed
XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed Shifter w/ I-Spec EV - grey/12-speed
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The XTR SL-M9100-I shifter by Shimano - increased adjustment range thanks to I-Spec EV

With the XTR SL-M9100-I 12-speed shifter, Shimano brings I-Spec EV technology into play. This design allows combined mounting of the shift and brake levers and thus increases the area available for ergonomic, customised cockpit design. For example, the SL-M9100-I can be adjusted by 14 mm in longitudinal alignment and by 60° in rotation. As with the clamp version, Shimano has once again improved the intuitive and smooth operability to allow the rider to focus solely on racing. The levers, consisting of aluminium and carbon, are faster to reach than on the predecessor M9000, and much less effort is required to shift gears. The two rubber contact surfaces provide more grip and the 4x bearings stand for smooth, long-lasting function.
Of course, proven technologies such as Rapidfire Plus - shifting down several gears at once - and 2-Way Release - operation with the index finger (pulling) or thumb (pushing) - have been retained. The XTR shifter also features Instant Release for super-fast shifting and Multi Release for the fastest possible gear changes in both directions. A polymer-coated cable and a cable housing are included.


Series: XTR M9100
Application: Cross Country, Enduro
Gearing: 12-speed
Mount: I-Spec EV

Technical Information:

Type: Rapidfire Plus
Body Material: aluminium
Lever Material: aluminium (main lever), carbon (CFRP, release lever)
Cable: stainless steel, polymer coating
Cable Housing: OT-SP41

Adjustment Options:

- cable adjust
- position adjust
- shift lever rotation adjust


MTB 12-speed:
Rear Derailleur: RD-M9100, RD-M8100, RD-M7100, RD-M6100, RD-M9120, RD-M8120, RD-M7120
Cassette: CS-M9101-12, CS-M9100-12, CS-M8100-12, CS-M7100-12, CS-M6100-12
Chain: CN-M9100, CN-M8100, CN-M7100, CN-M6100
Brake Lever: I-Spec EV


- max. number of gears per shift: 4 (main lever, rear)
- Lever is 20% faster to reach, 35% lower shifting force (compared to M9000), for continuous concentration when riding
- greater flexibility and action-optimised cockpit layout
- 4x ball bearing construction for easier shifting
- 2 rubber contact surfaces
- painted body and main lever
- stainless steel clamp bolts


With 2-Way-Release, the shifter can be pressed and pulled to shift to the smaller sprocket or chainring. This allows you to adjust the shifting process to your personal preferences. All newer Rapidfire Plus shifters are equipped with the 2-Way Release.

Instant Release
With Instant Release, the spring and thus the cable are released immediately when the lever is actuated, which ensures an enormously fast shifting process. The delay caused by a two-step shifting process with click and release is eliminated, so that the gear change is considerably accelerated and improved.

Multi Release
With earlier shift systems, gear changes in one direction were faster than in the other. The choice of top-normal or low-normal always meant sacrificing shifting speed in one direction in favour of the other. With Multi Release, two gear changes can now be changed with one lever operation. The result: The fastest possible gear change in both directions, regardless of the type of rear derailleur used.

I-Spec EV
I-Spec EV describes a variant of the connection between brake lever and shifter in MTB drivetrains. This type of mount allows the shifter to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically in relation to the brake lever and keeps the cockpit tidy by reducing the number of clamps needed. Compared to I-Spec and I-Spec II, I-Spec EV offers a much wider adjustment range. 14 mm adjustment range the longitudinal direction and up to 60° rotation allow an optimal ergonomic adjustment to your riding style, your sitting position and your anatomy.


Mount: right
Manufacturer Number: I-SLM9100IRAP


- 1 x Shimano XTR SL-M9100-I shifter
- 1 x Shimano cable (2050 mm)
- 1 x Shimano cable housing (1800 mm)


  • grey/12-speed: 112 g


  • grey/12-speed, in stock

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by MICHAIL M.  on 28.02.2022
verified purchase

The perfect shifter.can do 2 up and 2 down and has grippy surface.It is very sturdy and gears change easily.

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