Shimano SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter

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SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/2-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/2-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/2-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/11-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/11-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/11-speed
SL-RS700 2-/ 11-speed Shifter - black/2-speed
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The Shimano SL-RS700 shifters - if you don't ride drop bars on your bike

The Shimano SL-RS700 is a groupless shifter with which you can shift either 2x at the front or 11-speed at the rear. It was designed for use on Road or City bikes with flat handlebars, i.e. without drop bars.
The SL-RS700 is equipped with Rapidfire Plus MTB technology, allowing multiple gears to be downshifted at once, and features the 2-Way Release function, which allows the release lever to be operated with the index finger (pull) or thumb (push). Furthermore, Instant Release for super-fast shifting operations and - for the 11-speed version - Multi Release should be mentioned. The latter means that one step can be shifting by pulling and two shifts by pressing. The housing of the shifter is made of aluminium and carbon was used in the levers. A cable with wear-reducing SIL-TEC coating is supplied.


Application: Road, City
Gearing: 2x, 11-speed
Mount: clamp (closed)

Technical Information:

Type: Rapidfire Plus
Body Material: aluminium
Lever Material: carbon (CFRP, main lever), composite (GFRP) / steel (release lever)
Cable: stainless steel, SIL-TEC coated
Cable Housing: OT-SP41 (not incl.)

Adjustment Options:

- cable adjust


- max. number of gears per shift: 4 (main lever, rear)
- for fitness bikes and Road bikes with flat/straight handlebars
- ergonomic lever design, improved accessibility
- fast, simple and versatile functionality
- 2x sealed
- painted body and main lever
- for grip diameters up to max. 32 mm


Rapidfire Plus
Rapidfire Plus is suitable for fast shifting. The rider can shift down up to three gears with one shift stroke.

2-Way Release
All newer Rapidfire Plus shifters are equipped with 2-way release (release in two directions). This means that the shifter cable is released by pulling with the index finger or pressing with the thumb.

Instant Release
Instant Release shifting replaces the two-stage click and release shifting you are familiar with. Instant Release shifting releases cable as soon the lever is activated, resulting in the quickest possible gear changes. Whether it is an upshift with a top normal rear derailleur or a downshift with low normal rear derailleur a quicker shift is always a better shift.

Multi Release (only for 11-speed; pull: one step, push: two steps)
Previous shifting systems shifted faster in one direction than the other. Choosing top normal or low normal always meant sacrificing shifting speed in one direction. Now with Multi Release you can release shift two gears in one stroke. The result - the fastest possible shifting in both directions regardless of rear derailleur choice.

Shimano's ultra-low friction surface treatment Superior to simple coating, SIL-TEC is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. SIL-TEC products run smoother and wear longer in all conditions.


Mount: left
Manufacturer Part Numbers: I-SLRS700LBS (silver), I-SLRS700LBL (black)

Mount: right
Manufacturer Part Numbers: I-SLRS700RAS (silver), I-SLRS700RAL (black)


- 1 x Deore SL-RS700 shifter (left or right)
- 1 x Shimano cable, 1800 mm or 2050 mm


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  • silver/2-speed
  • black/2-speed
  • silver/11-speed
  • black/11-speed

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Fabian K.  on 11.10.2019 (modified on 11.10.2019)
verified purchase

Teuer aber alternativlos und schön.
Der Schalthebel sieht sehr gut aus. Die Schelle ist schön glänzend lakiert und der Carbon-Hebel ist auch ganz chic.
Das Runterschalten (großer Hebel) ist ein Traum, nur das Hochschalten (kleiner Hebel) fühlt sich hart an. Dennoch ist der Schaltvorgang sehr präzise.
Auch mag ich es sehr, dass ich zwei Gänge auf einmal hochschalten kann (siehe XT 11-Fach).
Preislich bewegen wir uns aber fast auf XTR Niveau.
Allerdings gab es mit Magura Bremshebeln und 105 Schaltwerk (RD-R7000) keine Alternative.
Fazit: Ein teurer Schalthebel den ich dennoch optisch wie von der Performance empfehlen kann.

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