Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet ANGi Crash Bundle - satin white/56 - 60 cm

Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet ANGi Crash Bundle

Item number: 80190

Specialized head protection, doubled: The Align II MIPS Helmet and ANGi Crash Sensor Bundle

Our bundle consists of the Align II MIPS helmet, the ANGi crash sensor and the ANGi universal adapter from Specialized.

The Align II from Specialized is a road bike helmet with top protection and excellent ventilation. The sliding MIPS protective shell inside the helmet absorbs rotational forces that occur during a fall, thus reducing the risk of head trauma. The outer helmet shell, manufactured using an in-mould process, further increases impact protection. Your head remains pleasantly cool thanks to a multi-dimensional vent construction. The helmet is adjustable via a comfortable, easy-to-use strap system.

To increase your protection and safety, mount the Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor with the ANGi Universal Adapter to your helmet. An integrated accelerometer and gyroscope detect when accidents occur. If you connect the sensor to the Specialized Ride App, the sensor will activate a call for help via your mobile phone after a brief countdown. Your location data will then be transmitted to your emergency contacts, ANGi transmits data via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.

Specifications -Helmet:

Road, Gravel
Shell structure + MIPS
Closure System:

Technical Data Crash Sensor:

Power Source:
CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life:
approx. 6 months
Data Transfer:

The adapter can be easily taped to the rear of the helmet near the adjustment system. It must lie flat with at least 75% of the adhesive surface and be pressed for 60 seconds. After 5 minutes you can then insert the sensor.


  • Tri-Fix strap system offers superior comfort and easy, quick and consistent adjustment
  • 4th Dimension ventilation system with highly effective air vents for optimal temperature regulation
  • finely adjustable Headset SX retention system for secure, correct fit
  • In-mould production reinforces the strength of the helmet shell while simultaneously reducing weight
  • reflective elements for increased visibility in low light conditions
  • MIPS Technology

Crash Sensor:
  • multifunctional device for real-time detection, emergency location and fall detection
  • measures force transferred to the helmet during an impact
  • measures rotational forces, even if the helmet is not directly affected by the impact
  • notification of emergency contacts
  • includes free premium subscription to the Ride App


ANGi is the acronym for " Angular and G-Force Indicator" and is a bicycle accident emergency call system with a sensor that is integrated in many Specialized helmets from the factory and can be retrofitted to other helmets from Specialized or other suppliers. This Bluetooth sensor must be paired with the Specialized Ride App using an activation code. It works with an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope to measure linear and rotational forces and thus detects a fall, even if you do not hit the ground with your helmet. Your phone will now sound an alarm and start a countdown. If the fall is not too bad, you can stop the countdown within a maximum of 90 seconds. If you need help, a message will be sent to all your emergency contacts after the countdown, including your location and GPS coordinates. So your ANGi helmet practically calls for help for you.

MIPS is the acronym for " Multi Directional Impact Protection System" and refers to a movable protective layer that is built into most Specialized helmets. This inlay is connected to the helmet via an elastomer and can glide in all directions by approx. 10 to 15 mm. This absorbs and reduces the rotational forces acting on the head during a fall. In the MIPS SL version of the S-Works Road and the Ambush helmets, Specialized also ensure that the MIPS layer does not have any disadvantages in terms of ventilation and weight.

Size Guide:

52 - 56 cm:
56 - 60 cm:
59 - 62 cm:

Manufacturer Numbers:

black-black reflective:
60821-104 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
gloss cast blue metallic-black reflective:
60821-105 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
gloss flo red:
60821-106 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
hyperviz-black reflective:
60821-101 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
satin cast berry:
60821-103 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
satin clay-satin cast umber:
60821-100 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010
satin white:
60821-102 + 60519-8000 + 60520-1010


  • 1 x Specialized Align II MIPS helmet
  • 1 x Specialized ANGi Crash Sensor
  • 1 x Specialized ANGi Universal Adapter
  • 1 x CR2032 batteries

  • 100 day return period
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  • black-black reflective/52 - 56 cm, in stock
  • black-black reflective/56 - 60 cm, in stock
  • black-black reflective/59-62, in stock
  • hyperviz-black reflective/52 - 56 cm, in stock
  • hyperviz-black reflective/56 - 60 cm, in stock
  • hyperviz-black reflective/59-62, in stock
  • satin white/52 - 56 cm, in stock
  • satin white/56 - 60 cm, in stock

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Customer Reviews (3)


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by steffen k. on 11.06.2022
verified purchase
item: black-black reflective/52 - 56 cm

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by Guido M. on 12.01.2021

Habe den Helm meiner Frau gekauft. für den regelmäßigen Weg zur Arbeit ist das Bundle ideal. So habe ich immer ein gutes Gefühl und weiss wenn sie sicher angekommen ist. Vom Helm ist sie auch begeistert. Der sitzt gut, wackelt nicht und wirkt wesentlich hochwertiger als der Preis das vermuten lässt.

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by Michel S. on 09.01.2021
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Vorweg: Der Helm ist sehr angenehm zu tragen und gefällt mir auch optisch sehr. Was ich an diesem Bundle zu bemängeln habe ist, dass es auf dem Helm keine ersichtliche Fläche gibt, auf dem ich den Angi Sensor befestigen kann. In der Anleitung wird auf eine dafür spezielle Fläche zum verkleben verwiesen, die ich an meinem Helm jedoch nicht finden kann.

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