Specialized Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle

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Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle - black/155 mm
Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle - black/155 mm
Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle - black/155 mm
Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle - black/155 mm
Romin EVO Expert MIMIC Women's Saddle - black/155 mm
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Specialized Romin EVO Expert Women's Saddle - Higher comfort with MIMIC technology

The Romin EVO Expert MIMIC by Specialized is a women's specific saddle with a light, hollow titanium frame and unique anatomical construction. A combination of EVA and adaptable Poron foam provides support in the right places. In addition, the saddle's Body Geometry Design, which is developed for optimal blood circulation, contributes to the rider's well-being. The padding made of medium-strength PU foam has been selected to provide an ideal balance between damping and feedback. Two threads are integrated into the saddle shell allowing the attachment of Specialized SWAT™ accessories.


Application: Road, Triathlon & Time Trial, Cross Country
Width: 143 mm, 155 mm, 168 mm
Saddle Rails: 7 x 7 mm (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material: titanium
Shell Material: composite material
Padding Material: Foam
Cover Material: composite material


- patented, laboratory developed Body Geometry Design for optimal blood flow to sensitive arteries
- innovative MIMIC technology with various material layers supports soft tissue evenly, prevents swelling
- light and extremely durable saddle frame made of hollow titanium
- Level 2 padding: medium density foam for a direct connection to the bike with comfortable cushioning
- two threads in the saddle shell allow the attachment of SWAT accessories, e.g. MTB Bandit, Road Bandit, Stormproof Saddlebags


Body Geometry
Body Geometry products from Specialized address the contact points between rider and bike. They are designed in collaboration with doctors, scientists and athletes to increase performance, improve riding comfort and prevent injuries, taking into account medical-anatomical aspects. Body Geometry features are found on Specialized saddles (padding, shaping), shoes (outsole, footbed, etc.) as well as gloves (padding).

MIMIC is derived from the word " Biomimicry" - the production of materials and structures based on biological models - and refers to the special construction of Specialized women's saddles. Various firmer and softer foam layers and a thin TPU plate are used in such a way that the pressure generated while seated creates a counter-pressure. In this way, the soft tissue in women, which is very arranged in a very complex manner, is supported in exactly the right places and blood circulation is ensured. Peak loads, swelling and pain are prevented, which significantly increases comfort, endurance and performance.

Manufacturer Numbers:

143 mm: 27120-6203
155 mm: 27120-6205
168 mm: 27120-6208


- 1 x Specialized Romin EVO Expert Women's Saddle


  • black/155 mm: 241 g
  • black/168 mm: 254 g


  • black/155 mm, in stock
  • black/168 mm, in stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Iiro A.  on 18.05.2022
verified purchase

Male here and love this saddle too. I like some wider saddles and the MIMIC technology seems to relieve pressure from my crotch too. Works nicer than most slitted saddles.

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