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Optimised Direct Mount system: the CAMO chainrings by Wolf Tooth Components

The CAMO chainring system was designed by Wolf Tooth engineers to optimise the characteristics of Direct Mount chainrings. The main advantages are a perfect chainline for less wear and more shifting precision, an optimal utilization of the material to improve the stiffness/weight ratio and a favourable price as a spare parts. Moreover, the CAMO chainrings can be changed very quickly (5 small bolts, no nuts) and the variability (round or oval, stainless steel or aluminium, compatible with different cranks) is enormous.


Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro
Wolf Tooth CAMO
28 T, 30 T, 32 T
1x9-speed, 1x10-speed, 1x11-speed, 1x12-speed

Technical Information:

depending on CAMO Spider
stainless steel (416)


  • only compatible with Wolf Tooth CAMO Spider
  • all 9-, 10- and 11-speed chains
  • SRAM Eagle, KMC, Connex and Wippermann 12-speed chains
  • 10-speed chain recommended for 9-speed drivetrains


  • Wolf Tooth Wide-Narrow-Design for CAMO system
  • made of hardened, electro-polished stainless steel, therefore 5 - 10 times more durable than CAMO aluminium chainrings
  • less wear, more shifting precision, faster chainring change
  • stainless steel bolts supplied with the CAMO spider
  • Made in the USA

Note from the manufacturer:
Use of a damped rear derailleur recommended. For very muddy conditions a chain guide in combination with clutch rear derailleur is recommended.


CAMO stands for Chainline And Material Optimisation, i.e. an optimisation of the chainline and material of Direct Mount chainrings. The chainline is decisive for the function of a 1x drivetrain. CAMO is available for 4 different chainline options. CAMO spiders are made of 7075 aluminium, which is very light, stiff and strong. The CAMO chainrings are either also made from aluminium or from ultra-durable but exceptionally light stainless steel. Due to the coordinated spider chainring system the power transfer is optimised compared to conventional solutions. The CAMO system makes the supply of spare chainrings more affordable and simplifies chainring changes. All five bolts are accessible without removing the spider. The small dot on the chainring must be in line with the dot on the spider. Connect the sockets of the spider to the chainring, tighten the bolts to 4 to 5 Nm and use blue Loctite.

Drop-Stop® A
Wolf Tooth has invested countless hours in the design, prototyping and testing of their Wide-Narrow chainrings and has developed a highly innovative tooth profile. Test riders around the world have confirmed that this design brings unparalleled performance.
The right side of the chainring tooth has a different shape than the left side. The right side transmits the power to the chain and the left side opens a free space for cleaning mud and dirt. Since the two sides have completely different functions, it makes sense to design them differently, true to the motto: extra reinforcement where you need it, less material where you don't.
The right side of the Drop-Stop tooth is as wide as possible to distribute the load over a larger area, which also minimises wear. The left side of the Drop-Stop tooth helps to guide the chain, but it does not transmit any load. Therefore the left side is narrower than the chain roller. Wear is not an issue on this side, so Wolf Tooth was able to save material and create a better mud clearance channel. More free space means less friction and less change of the chain being dropped due to mud.
In the A version, the original version of Drop-Stop, the profile is optimized for use on mountain bikes. The wide teeth are slightly wider than Drop-Stop B. The outer sides of the narrow and wide teeth guide the chain.

Manufacturer Numbers:

28 tooth:
30 tooth:
32 tooth:


  • 1 x Wolf Tooth Components CAMO Stainless Steel Round chainring


  • silver/28 tooth: 65 g
  • silver/32 tooth: 89 g


  • silver/28 tooth, out of stock
  • silver/32 tooth, out of stock

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