Turbo Trainers & Rollers

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Trainer Comparison


Still want to train outside!

The right turbo trainer for you

Goodbye winter break. With the right trainer, winter training becomes an experience. No matter if you just want to stack up kilometres or if you want to control your training down to the last detail.

To rack up the kilometres and train your endurance, a simple turbo trainer or rollers are the right choice for you. With such an indoor cycling trainer you get big gains for a small price.

Track training progress with ergotrainers

Do you want to track your training progress in terms of heart rate, cadence, speed or power? Ergotrainers record and store such data. They also offer the option of exporting and evaluating the data.

If this is too boring for you, we suggest you get into interactive training in front of your TV. With virtual reality trainers you can turn your living room into a professional training camp. You can follow all the tracks of the pros and document and track your training progress. A useful addition is the current trend to Zwift!

Digital trend to Smart Trainers

Or do you want to control the trainer with your tablet or smartphone? Then you'll like smart trainers. Smart trainers are specially designed to connect to your smartphone or tablet. The connection of both devices by means of a trainer app is very simple.

A Balance Act - Rollers

If you want to train your sense of balance in addition to your leg muscles, the best choice are rollers. You take your bike, put it just like it is on the rollers and start to pedal. Then you ride on rollers that spin under you. You're literally treading water.

As varied as the rollers can be, so are the different rollers themselves. Have fun choosing and training.