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innobike 105 High-Tech Chain Fluid - universal/500 ml
innobike 105 High-Tech Chain Fluid - universal/100 ml
innobike 105 High-Tech Chain Fluid - universal/200 ml
innobike 105 High-Tech Chain Fluid - universal/300 ml
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Care for your chain: the 105 High-Tech chain fluid by innotech

Highly effective 4 in 1 product for efficient chain operation. It cleans down to the last sprocket whether it's the chain inner bearings, chain drive bushings or plugs. The 105 High-Tech Chain Fluid easily and reliably enters into the narrowest spaces. It removes anything that doesn't belong on the chain. In the process, dirt and accumulated resin are cleaned while particles are freed and flushed away from the frictional surfaces. Lubricates and lubricates and lubricates. Once the solvent has evaporated the OMC2, technology leaves a permanent lubricating and protective film on the clean chain. This film ensures that the chain remains fully lubricated. 105 also protects the weakest link in the chain. The good surface adhesive properties of the ultra-thin and robust protective film resist high mechanical stresses. It also smooths surfaces during mixed friction with sticking. This keeps dust and dirt at bay.

Hazardous Substance:


- cleans amazingly well
- ensures smooth function
- guarantees effortless pedal strokes
- more precise shifting possible


- 105 should be applied ever 200-500 km.
- Important: Spray after riding your bike.
- pedal the pedals backward.
- At the sprocket generously spray the rotating chain from a distance of approx. 2 cm in order to remove dirt and accumulated resin from the chain and dirt and dust from the inner bearings.
- The same application is suitable for all cables and moving parts, as well as the bearings. The fluid penetrates in depth and immediately removes accumulated resin, dirt and obstructions.
- Avoid spraying the rims at all costs! Hazard: Loss of braking power!


- 1 x innotech 105 chain spray


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  • universal/300 ml
    36.39€/1 l
  • universal/100 ml
    5.03€/100 ml

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Customer Reviews (31)


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by Илья М.  on 07.11.2019
verified purchase

excellent lubrication. Washes away old dirt, dries and works great. The chain is quiet, the gears are soft

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