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The uphill battle is over: the Double Barrel Air CS shock from Cane Creek

CS (Climb Switch) is a unique climbing mode developed by Cane Creek, which leaves the suspension of the shock fully active while riding uphill (low-speed mode). The result is significantly improved bike control and maximum traction, coupled with reduced stress on the rider and improved power transmission. In contrast to conventional (platform) shocks, the Double Barrel CS has climbing-specific damping for compression and rebound.
But wait--how does Climb Switch work?
When Climb Switch (CS) is activated, the low-speed range of the Double Barrel Air shock is switched into climbing mode through an internal adjustment. This effectively suppresses unwanted pumping movements, while at the same time fully activating the suspension to provide the rider with reserves as-needed. Before embarking on a descent, simply turn the lever and reap all the advantages of the double barrel shock.


Trail, Enduro, Downhill
Suspension Type:
Size x Stroke (mm):
190 x 50 mm, 200 x 50 mm, 200 x 57 mm, 216 x 63 mm

Technical Information:

Damping System:
Twin Tube
Bushing Material:
Body Material:
Shaft Material:
steel (4130)
Body Diameter:
57 mm
Shaft Diameter:
8 mm
15 mm (Open End Eye)

Adjustment Options:

high-speed and low-speed
high-speed and low-speed


  • high-end rear shock with Climb Switch uphill mode
  • uphill mode for low-speed range optimises pedalling efficiency while suppressing rocking
  • independent 4-way adjustment of high- and low-speed compression, rebound and Climb Switch mode
  • Twin Tube technology (lubrication through 4 valves)
  • adjustment of suspension stiffness with air
  • air valve position adjustable by 360°
  • self-adjusting negative air suspension
  • bushings made of low-friction, durable Norglide® material
  • handmade in Fletcher, North Carolina, USA


CS Technology:
CS is the most innovative climbing tech on the market. The proprietary climbing function (patent pending) for the double barrel rear shock changes the entire low frequency dynamics of the damper, which is especially needed for the requirements of uphill riding.

4-Way Adjustment:
Two hexagonal bolts, placed one inside the other, allow the outer one to be used for high-speed compression and rebound, and the inner one for low-speed compression and rebound. For adjustment Cane Creek provides a small tool that fits in any bag or backpack. In addition, no knobs were used to keep the dimensions of the somewhat voluminous rear shock small. The adjustment range of the Double Barrel Air is extremely wide and covers a very wide range of rear triangle characteristics without having to resort to corresponding tunes. The " coil hardness" can of course be adjusted by air via a rear shock pump.

Low-Speed Compression (LSC):
The low-speed compression stage reacts to slow shaft speeds. This ensures less bouncing when pedalling, and also reduces sagging of the rear triangle in adjacent areas or while jumping. The Double Barrel Air achieves exactly these characteristics by separating the high and low-speed compression stages, thus preventing a reduction in travel.

High Speed Compression (HSC):
Hard hits on root passages, stones or hard landings are the job of the high speed compression stage. The higher the high-speed pressure level is set, the greater the bottom-out protection.

Low-Speed Rebound (LSR):
This setting corresponds to the simple rebound adjustment, which is also available from other brands. In this case, it's difficult to find a compromise between " fast enough for roots" and " slow enough for jumps and hard landings" .

High Speed Rebound (HSR):
The additionally adjustable high-speed rebound allows a slower rebound speed for hit that would compress the rear shock too fast and too far.

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Manufacturer Numbers:

190 mm x 50 mm:
200 mm x 50 mm:
200 mm x 57 mm:
216 mm x 63 mm:

Note: The rear shock is an open-end eye version.The side on which the Piggy Back is located has a 14.7 mm eye (with pressed in bushing), the opposite side has a 15.00 mm eye (without pressed in bushing). This dimension is required by some frame types and therefore no drilling of the eye is necessary.


  • 1 x Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS Open End Eye rear shock
  • 1 x Cane Creek PTFE bushing (pressed into the upper eyelet)
  • 1 x Cane Creek adjustment tool
  • not incl. bushing in the lower eyelet


  • black/190 mm x 50 mm, in stock
  • black/200 mm x 50 mm, in stock

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