Continental Cross King 2.6 ProTection 27.5+ Folding Tyre - black/27.5x2.60

Continental Cross King 2.6 ProTection 27.5+ Folding Tyre

Item number: 60620

A first-class all-rounder as a B+ version: the Cross King 2.6 Folding Tyre by Continental

A smooth-running tyre that adapts to any surface with its special tread and offers good grip and quiet rolling behaviour. The comfortable riding experience and safe cornering makes Cross King a versatile competition and touring tyre.

Guidelines for Replacing E-bike Components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked e-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


All Mountain, Cross Country
Product Line:
folding tyre
Tubeless System:
Tubeless Ready

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound:
180 tpi, 3 layers
Puncture Protection:


27.5 x 2.6"
Air Pressure:
2.0 - 3.0 bar
Manufacturer Number:


  • new lug tread
  • Handmade in Germany
  • revised side panel
  • low air pressure possible


Premium tyres, manufactured to achieve peak performances. Latest technologies, developed with the most successful athletes in the world and handmade by experienced specialists in Korbach (Handmade in Germany). Selected materials for highest quality are used here.

Black Chili Compound
The rolling characteristics of the rubber compound of a tyre are determined by three interacting factors: Static friction (grip), rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma: If one of these factors is improved, at least one other factor deteriorates in return. Black Chili Compound is the name of Continental's revolutionary tread compound based on the latest findings in polymer and raw material research. For Black Chili, Continental refines newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber to produce particularly high-performance tread compounds. Conti adds nanoscale carbon black particles to these rubbers, which are optimised in shape and surface properties in order to match the compound to the respective application of the tyre. Tyres with Black Chili Compound achieve an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to activated silica tyres Black Chili tyres have 26 % lower rolling resistance, 30 % higher static friction value (grip) and 5 % higher mileage. Whether on a Road bike or MTB - the speed and grip advantage is clearly noticeable! The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with Black Chili are produced exclusively at Continental in Korbach.

The ProTection technology gives tyres the perfect blend of smooth running, grip and puncture protection. This is made possible by an additional all-round puncture protection layer, which makes the entire tyre particularly resistant and insensitive to puncture. Despite the extra ply, the tyre has excellent cushioning ability and cleanly handles the hardest trails. Another feature of German-made ProTection technology is Tubeless Ready. The revolutionary Tubeless Ready base allows easy and uncomplicated mounting of the tyre. For optimum results in sealing and in use, Conti recommends the use of the Continental RevoSealant.

B+ Tyres
B+ tyres offer a particularly comfortable ride. The larger diameter means the tyre rolls over obstacles more easily, but shows more traction, hugging the trail instead of just rolling over it. The weight of these tyres remains relatively low. Due to their specially optimised carcass, it is possible to ride B+ tyres with lower air pressure than usual. Thus B+ tyres offer the special grip experience.

ECO 25
The tyres with Continental ECO technology benefit from over 100 years of experience in the development of moped and motorcycle tyres. Optimised and recommended for e-bikes up to 25 km/h, they guarantee low rolling resistance and good puncture protection thanks to their particularly high-quality construction. The durability was tested especially for e-bikes to counteract the premature wear and tear caused by the additional driving force.


  • 1 x Continental Cross King 2.6 ProTection 27.5" + Folding Tyre


  • black/27.5x2.60: 815 g
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  • black/27.5x2.60, in stock

Customer Reviews (4)


Customer Reviews (4)


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by Reinhold L. on 10.08.2021
verified purchase
item: black/27.5x2.60

Fahre - und meine Frau auch - einen Satz DT Swiss H 1700 in 35 mm und habe die 3 Jahre alten und verschlissenen Michelin AM Force gegen diese Contis in der gleichen Größe getauscht. Kein Problem beim Aufziehen, die Contis waren sofort dicht, nach einer Stunde ohne Sealing dann No Tubes je Rad 100 ml eingefüllt, seit 4 Tagen kein Luftverlust. Alle Reifen laufen super gerade, kein Seiten- oder Höhenschlag. Vor der Montage jeden Reifen mit Nitroverdünnung ausgerieben=Trennmittel entfernen, dann sind die Contis auch sofort dicht. Kein Austritt von Sealing Fluid an den Flanken. Der Reifen rollt klasse, im leichten Terrain bisher ohne Probleme, bisher sind alle 4 Contis jeden Cent wert, und deutlich besser als die Michelins - Erfahrungen mit 4 Contis an 2 Focus Jam². Nur zu empfehlen bei diesem Preis.

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by Constantin W. on 26.09.2020
verified purchase
item: black/27.5x2.60

Habe den Reifen am E-Bike montiert, nachdem sich alle 4 Maxxis Rekon Reifen an der Karkasse vom Draht/Kevlar gelöst haben. Rundlauf entgegen Mike U. wirklich perfekt, da habe ich bei Continental nur beste Erfahrungen gemacht, auch bei günstigeren Reifen. Bisher läuft der Reifen super, Verschleiß gering, allerdings muss ich doch öfter den Luftdruck prüfen (Tubeless), verliert verhältnismäßig doch viel Lust (Stans Notubes Milch).

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by Mike U. on 17.09.2020
verified purchase
item: black/27.5x2.60

Die Reifen sind von guter Qualität
Aber diese 2.6 cross king reifen hat ein Wackeln das is nicht zo gut.
Continental hat das etwas öfter.
Wenn es zu schlimm wird, muss ich mich leider auf die Garantie verlassen.

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by Sven S. on 07.06.2018

Gekauft hab ich die Reifen wo anderst weil sie dort zuerst lieferbar waren aber über den service von Bike-component brauch ich nichts sagen der ist Top ;) hab die Reifen tubeless auf einer ex 511 montiert ohne kompressor,waren sofort dicht ohne das Milch ausgetreten ist. Der Rollwiederstand ist sagenhaft man fliegt förmlich über den Trail! Durch die Breite und dem geringen Luftdruck haben die Reifen extrem guten Grip. Für trockene trails mit langem anfahrtsweg für mich genau richtig.

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