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“Your bike deserves it!” that is what this category is all about.

Riding bikes also means maintaining bikes. However, maintaining is not just about cleaning the frame; it is about servicing and greasing the moving parts, e.g. the suspension or drivetrain. But we do not just have cleaning products for your bikes, we have them your sports clothing as well.

It is not a secret that chains need to be taken care of. The best way is to clean and grease your chain regularly. How often is dependent on where and how much you ride. If you ride in a lot of dirt, you are going to have to care for you chain more often. Greasing a dirty chain does not help, first it needs to be cleaned with chain cleaner for the lube to have a lasting effect. Using chain cleaner and lube is highly recommended.

The best way to take care of your suspension is to keep it clean and perform regular maintenance. Most importantly check that the dust wipers, stanchions, and piston rods are clean. If the dust wipers are dirty, then the stanchions experience more wear every time they compress and dampen.

When washing sports apparel, a few things should be considered. It is recommended to use a special laundry detergent. Sportswear is made to wick perspiration away from your body. This is done with membrane materials that have pores. To make sure that the detergent does not get stuck in the pores, a highly soluble detergent is needed. Standard detergents are usually not soluble enough. It gets stuck in the pores, and the functional properties of the material are lessened. To ensure your clothing does not get damaged, we have a few washing tips:

Before you wash, make sure all Velcro and zippers are closed. Turn everything inside out and pack it in a wash bag. Change the settings of the machine to either a short spin cycle or better yet no spin cycle at all. Before you add the laundry detergent, clean the reservoir of any leftover standard detergents. You should only use liquid detergent and never use softener. Membrane textiles should be dried after washing. Whether that’s in a dryer or just thrown over the heater, it is very important for the waterproofing.

Good luck with cleaning, greasing, and polishing. You can find all the materials you need in this category.

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