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Nicolai is known for their durable bikes, excellent engineering, CNC machining and everything is 100% made in Germany. To really get a feeling for their precise, high-quality frames all you have to do is look at the weld bead. They are handmade and always the perfect example of what a master level weld looks like. Their high-end aluminium frames, built with Geometron geometry, promise that you are going to have a great time riding. And because we here at bike-components work so closely with Nicolai, we can help you put together a custom made dream bike just for you.

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Build your dream bike in the exact colour you want with Nicolai's plethora of colour options.

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Find exaclty what size Nicolai you need by entering your height.



About Nicolai

Whether it’s full suspension or hardtail, every Nicolai frame is developed, produced and tested in Germany. This guarantees an extremely high level of quality and reliability that Nicolai prides itself on. The now 25 employee team has been putting all that they have into developing bicycle frames for the past 20 years.