Supernova M99 Pro LED E-Bike E-45 Front Light - StVZO Approved

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M99 Pro LED E-Bike E-45 Front Light - StVZO Approved - black/universal
M99 Pro LED E-Bike E-45 Front Light - StVZO Approved - black/universal
M99 Pro LED E-Bike E-45 Front Light - StVZO Approved - black/universal
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A new star in the sky: the M99 Pro 45 front light from Supernova

The M99 Pro shines with a 1600-lumen high beam. The front light utilises all the features of the LED Matrix along with smart electronics.

The Supernova horn and high beam scanners are made of shatterproof composite material which is UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant and much lighter than aluminium. The push buttons, designed for over 500,000 operating cycles, are encapsulated in accordance with a IP67 protection rating and can be installed without tools thanks to the waterproof connector. The ergonomic positioning allows intuitive operation without having to release your hand from the grips, so that the handlebars always remain firmly in place and the rider's full attention can be focused on the road. If you do not have a Magura MT Series brake, you can also mount the switch with the self-contained clamp. The short-travel button enables precise signal control for a friendly honking. The main beam scanner has a clearly-defined pressure point to enable controlled on/off switching of the powerful main beam.

Winner of the Eurobike Award 2016

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.

Guidelines for replacing E-bike components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked E-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


Type: front light (white)
Mount: handlebars
Light Source: 9 automotive LEDs
Brightness: 1600 lumens
Illumination Range: 380 m (1600 lumens)
Power Source: E-bike battery

Technical Information - Front Light:

Voltage: 24 - 60 V DC
Dimensions (L x W x D): 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm
Material: aluminium, anodised (CNC machined)

Approved For:

Street Use in Germany: yes, for E-bikes and S-Pedelecs in accordance with §50 StVZO

Front Light Features:

- automatic sensor-controlled daytime running light
- high-quality anodised aluminium housing
- the electronics can communicate with modern e-bikes via automotive CAN, CANopen, Lin, RS 232, PWM, among others
- smart control of the headlamp, so that it works on common e-bike systems
- signal connection to high beam, horn, brake

Manufacturer Number:


Technical Information - Remote:

Protection Rating: IP67

Features Remote:

- intuitive controls
- made of unbreakable composite material
- UV-resistant
- corrosion resistant
- mounting with clamp or on a Magura MT Series brake
- horn and high-beam scanner
- audible, visible and clean


Matrix Mirror:
Matching the 99 individually-calculated mirror surfaces to the smart LED matrix was a complex undertaking. This trend-setting product was created by using 9 smart controllable automotive LEDs in conjunction with multiple computer calculations of the concave and convex catoptric mirror facets.

Ice-cold Calculated
The M99 Pure System's record brightness values could only be achieved through developing an elaborate cool-down process of the high-performance automotive LED matrix. Supernova has over 10 years of experience with LED front lights, and here it really shines through. The electronics and housing have been optimised through careful material selection and computationally-intensive heat simulations, so that the LEDs can work with the best possible efficiency.

Automotive daytime running light:
With its special light signature, the daytime running light of the M99 front light addresses a basic problem among S-pedelecs: riders who pedal lightly are often perceived as slow-moving road users, and therefore often find themselves in dangerous situations. The M99's distinctive and bright arcs of light, which can be seen from a far distance, leave no doubt that a fast road user is on the approach.

Automotive High Beam:
The M99 Pro System is the first e-bike front light to offer true high beam with full illumination above the glare horizon, just like a car headlight. Competitors like to refer to a rather simple amplified low beam as " high-beam." At the optimum setting, a true high-beam extends extremely far and illuminates one's entire surroundings. This gives the rider ample time to react and greatly increases safety at high speeds.

Smart ECO Mode:
The M99 Pro headlight is designed for maximum energy efficiency and offers a variety of smart energy savings modes that can be activated when connected to the e-bike via communication link. By adapting the lighting to the riding situation, ECO Mode saves up to 50% energy without any further action on the part of the driver in city traffic or on difficult terrain. The extremely sensitive light sensor activates the highly efficient daytime running light when there is sufficient brightness, and switches to the powerful low beam in seconds when needed. This delivers up to 70% in energy savings while increasing visibility during the day.

Intelligent Brake Buffer:
Intelligent Brake Buffer Software (IBB) ensures that even when ECO Mode is switched on, slow-moving bends or difficult sections are illuminated for up to 10 seconds with the full brightness of the dipped beam.
At traffic lights or during longer breaks, the IBB software detects the longer stop and automatically switches to ECO mode. As soon as the speed increases, the light automatically becomes brighter again.

Supernova with switch:
The Supernova horn and high beam buttons fit perfectly into the cockpit as part of the Magura MT brake levers. No further clamps are necessary, keeping the handlebars uncluttered.


- 1 x Supernova M99 Pro 45 front light
- 1 x Supernova remote
- 1 x Supernova connection cable
- not incl. mount


  • black/universal: 220 g


  • black/universal, ships in calendar week 43 (October)

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