Shimano Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever

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Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/2-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/2-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/2-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/11-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/11-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/11-speed
Ultegra Di2 STI ST-R8070 2-/11-speed Shift/Brake Lever - black/11-speed
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The Ultegra Di2 ST-R8070 shift/brake lever by Shimano - more control when braking

The Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8070 shift/brake lever allows intuitive electronic shifting (2-speed or 11-speed) and provides clear tactile feedback that can be felt even with thicker gloves. At the same time, it can be used to operate a hydraulic disc brake, so that the rider can rely on full brake control in all weather conditions and even on the steepest descents. The reduced horn circumference should be emphasized, which contributes to ergonomics and grip comfort. Grip width and press points are adjustable. The ST-R8070 STI Dual Control lever can also be individually programmed via the E-Tube platform.

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Series: Ultegra Di2 R8050
Application: Road, Cyclocross
Gearing: 2-speed, 11-speed
Shifting System: electronic
Brake Type: hydraulic

Technical Information:

Brake Lever Material: aluminium
Lever Body Material: carbon (CFRP)
Hose: SM-BH90-JK-SSR (not incl.)
Actuation: mineral oil
Installation: clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust: bolt
Adjustment Options: reach adjust, contact point


- defined tactile feedback and clearer separation between the shift buttons for more intuitive shifting, even with thick gloves
- programmable gearing
- Multi-Shift can be switched on or off separately for each shifter
- remote control shifter programmable for third-party bicycle computers or shifts
- reduced hydraulic inner workings to adjust the ergonomics of disc and rim brake builds
- extended reach adjustment
- multiple input: hold
- compatible with 11-speed Road rear derailleurs
- E-Tube project ensures firmware updates
- number of E-Tube ports: 2
- recommended brake caliper: BR-R8070
- straight hose connection
- funnel bleeding
- shifter made of GFRP, main cylinder made of CFRP, brake lever painted
- for 23.8 - 24.2 mm handlebar diameter


STI Dual Control (DCL)
DCL stands for Dual Control Lever. It has braking and shift functions and allows easy operation. The improved ergonomics is probably even more important for the high standard than more range. The shift levers bring the stability of Shimano MTB technology and work so precisely and smoothly that it is possible to shift gears both front and rear with just one finger. This is a highlight of Shimano's " Total Integration" (STI). You have to experience it for yourself to believe it.

This product uses a technologically innovative, computerised shifting system based on the Di2 concept with the product designation SEIS (Shimano Electronic Intelligent System). The innovative shifting technology of the SEIS continues to be based on the Shimano Index System (SIS), whose outstanding shifting performance has proven itself over many years. The main difference between the systems is that the shifting operation is no longer carried out mechanically but electronically. The shifting process is carried out by simply pressing a button. No effort is required to shift gears, which has significant advantages as the rider always has a firm grip on the handlebars and can concentrate on riding without being distracted by the shifting. The shifting system allows precise and effortless shifting in all situations, even with cold hands or when the rider has fully exerted themselves. In addition, the shifting capacity can no longer be affected by dirty or stretched cables, as the shifting signal is transmitted electronically. The operating keys work in a similar way to mechanical dual-control levers, making it easy to get used to the new system.

E-Tube is a system platform for the Di2 concept (Digital Integrated Intelligence). E-Tube transmits interactive signals and supplies all electronic parts with power via " Plug & Play" connections. E-Tube is resistant to corrosion, expansion and frost and ensures low maintenance. It offers optimal flexibility for your bike. With E-Tube Project you can customise the settings of electronic components and update the firmware via Windows PC, tablet or smartphone. It provides quick and easy access to information on electronic components and provides an instant overview of system status.


Mount: left
Manufacturer Part Number: I-STR8070L

Mount: right
Manufacturer Part Number: I-STR8070R


- 1 x Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8070 shift/brake lever
- 1 x Shimano TL-EW02 plug tool (11-speed version only)

Order Together:

- Adapter for Funnel Bleeding Y-0C698050


  • black/2-speed: 180 g
  • black/11-speed: 180 g


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  • black/2-speed
  • black/11-speed

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