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ANGi is a crash sensor for you bicycle helmet with emergency alert functionality. ANGi, which stands for "Angular and G-Force Indicator", comes pre-installed on many Specialized helmets and can be mounted seamlessly onto most commercial helmets. Among other things, the ANGi uses acceleration sensors help to detect falls or accidents, and send out an alert over the corresponding Ride App. After a max. 90-second countdown, your emergency contacts are alerted and provided with your current location and GPS data, allowing help to reach you quickly.
Specialized Ride App

The Ride App is the co-pilot to your ANGi sensor, which alerts your emergency contacts in the event of an accident. In addition, the app is able to do so much more: it can record trips, track performance data (such as speed, driving time and distance travelled), display community-generated routes or help you plan your own tours. Invite friends, chat or link the Ride App to your Strava account. The Ride App is included with the purchase of an ANGi sensor.

Wahoo ELEMNT Compatibility

ANGi is compatible with the Wahoo ELEMNT, ELEMNT RAM & ELEMNT BOLT. Connect your head unit with the Ride App and control your ANGi comfortably from your bike, all while keeping your smartphone in your pocket. The emergency alert countdown can be deactivated from the head unit if the accident did not result in serious injury. When paired with your Wahoo computer, the head unit is able to record your rides and save data to the Ride App cloud.

Specialized and MIPS
MIPS, or the Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a patented helmet protection system. It ensures that rotational movements, which often occur during a crash or fall, are weakened and thus prevents serious brain injuries from occurring. A helmet's MIPS apparatus is usually located between its padding and EPS foam, and allows the helmet’s shell to slide across the head up to 15 mm. All new Specialized helmet models, particularly children's helmets, are equipped with MIPS. The shape of a MIPS shell differs slightly depending on the helmet model. MIPS SL, for example, is a shell designed exclusively for high-end Specialized helmets and is developed for optimal ventilation and low weight. Its protective effects are the same for all MIPS shells.

Kids’ Helmets by Specialized