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The chain: your bikes main artery!

The chain takes the spinning motion of the crankset and turns it into the forward motion we love so dearly. Those who have snapped a chain while riding really know its importance. Without a chain, the two-wheeled fun is gone. There are as many chains on the market as bikes on the street, and not all chainrings are compatible with every chain. For example, 7- and 8-speed chains are exchangeable. However, 10- and 11-speed chains are very different. Then there are even differences between the various manufacturers. Buying all drivetrain components from the same manufacture is always recommended so that it all functions well.
When assembling the chain you should check to make sure the chain has the right length. The length of the chain depends upon your gear ratio. To adjust the length of your chain you are going to need a chain breaker also known as a chain tool. You can find these in this section as well, along with other useful tools.
Every chain has one thing in common: they want to be cared for. The more you clean and care for your chain, the less amount of wear on your drivetrain and the less amount of energy you expend pedaling.
Tipp: Tip: To know when your chain is worn and before it damages your drivetrain, you can use a .chain wear indicator. Then you know when your chain needs to be replaced!
It does not matter is you are searching for a 1-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 10-speed, or 11-speed chain, we have the right one for you.

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100 day return period
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